Equality drives disability policy developments

The promotion of equality is still the most dominant force behind the development of employer policies on disability, according to an IRS survey.

Of the 64 employers surveyed, all but three have a policy in place on the employment of disabled staff. Compliance with legislation and the promotion of equal opportunities and diversity were cited as reasons for such policies by 60 respondents. However, the promotion of equal opportunities and diversity was ranked as a more important factor than compliance with legislation.

Around one third of public sector participants have set up a working group or committee to promote the equality of disabled people. Other public sector organisations are expected to follow suit. Almost half of the organisations surveyed reported an increase in the number of disabled people employed, and just under one-fifth say the proportion has remained the same.


Around seven in 10 have experience of an existing employee acquiring a disability while working for their organisation.

The most common adjustment made by survey respondents is allowing absence for rehabilitation or treatment – cited by around eight in 10 respondents.


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