Ex-SHL team launches a series of completely free assessments

A sophisticated, industry-standard personality questionnaire is being offered entirely free of charge to organisations and individuals, for life, in a move which promises to send shockwaves through the assessment industry.

Developed by ex-SHL (Saville & Holdsworth) test developers, the questionnaire is the first in a new portfolio of free online tests from assessment provider FindingPotential. The company is developing other free online assessments including a values/motivation questionnaire, a 360 degree feedback process, sifting questionnaires for different job types and verbal and numerical reasoning tests. All of these resources will be produced to the same exacting standards as those sold at a premium price by the leading providers but they will be available free of charge.

The FindingPotential personality questionnaire has been created to help organisations enhance their recruitment and people development activities. It can also be used by individuals who want to understand their strengths or change their career.

“Assessment testing helps organisations to find people who are genuinely right for the role – those who are likely to enjoy their work and perform well – and it also helps individuals to get jobs that play to their strengths,” said Ron Eldridge, Managing Director of FindingPotential. “Our new personality questionnaire is a breath of fresh air for the market. Instead of spending around £100million a year on assessment testing, UK organisations can now get the same service entirely free.”

Designed to be easy to use, with a contemporary ‘look and feel’, the FindingPotential personality questionnaire takes around 15 minutes to complete.

“By giving you a real insight into your attitudes, capabilities, behaviour and personality preferences, this questionnaire will help you to understand more about yourself and how you can achieve your personal goals,” said Ron Eldridge. “Organisations will find it a psychologically-robust and viable alternative to what they’re currently using. There’s no catch. There are no licence fees, no usage limits and no time limits. You can have unlimited free usage forever.”

Individual users receive a clear and easily understood, 15-page report, containing a detailed interpretation of their results, as well as their team role and work preferences and suitable jobs, which they can print and save as a PDF. The reports are generated using expert functionality which means that no specific training is required to interpret the results.

FindingPotential has built a candidate manager platform to host its online assessments. This allows organisations to freely create and customise their own candidate management portals. They can manage their own users, receive personalised reports on their candidates and add their logo onto each questionnaire and report, all completely free.

“Our aim is to help organisations save money on assessments so that they’ll spend more on retaining and engaging their staff,” said Ron Eldridge.

FindingPotential will launch its new portfolio of assessments in the United States, Canada and Australia in 2010. International language versions of the resources will be available by 2011.




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