Jobpartners launches on-demand recruitment solution for small to midsize businesses

Jobpartners, a European leader in people and talent management solutions, has announced the launch of ActiveRecruiter Business Edition aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) take control of recruitment costs and improve the management of their online recruitment process. SMB career sites are often minimalist or even non-existent, meaning SMBs can spend excessive time and money administering the process and providing candidates with a less than satisfactory recruitment experience.

In addition, this administrative burden has increased through SMBs looking to reduce their costs by taking their recruitment processes in-house and utilising social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with candidates. ActiveRecruiter Business Edition is designed to help companies centralise their recruitment processes, improve their brand, increase their online candidate experience, and better integrate them with their social networking activity and recruitment partners. In addition, by taking control of the entire recruitment process ActiveRecruiter Business Edition ensures that SMBs are compliant with the latest data protection and non-discrimination regulations.

“Social networks are playing an increasingly important role when it comes to reaching out to prospective candidates. Companies have started to tap into the informal HR data held in social networks,” said Eric Genet, Group Vice President, SMB at Jobpartners. “However, it is important that a company’s use of social media does link back to its overall candidate engagement process. If a company’s attraction strategy is strong, but its processes aren’t well managed, it severely risks damaging its employment brand.”

With ActiveRecruiter Business Edition, SMBs can quickly set up career sites matching their corporate branding, to support both external recruitment and internal mobility initiatives, using a very intuitive wizard. ActiveRecruiter Business Edition is also very flexible on communications allowing companies to easily configure and brand their own emails to candidates and tailor messages to specific candidate groups.

By using ActiveRecruiter Business Edition and automating the entire recruitment process, SMBs can also significantly reduce their time to hire and ensure compliance. SMBs can quickly narrow the selection of candidates by fine-tuning workflows to improve candidate qualification and accelerate interview scheduling.  This means that SMBs can better manage their recruitment processes and simultaneously reduce the administrative burden.

A large part of today’s recruitment budgets go on candidate sourcing. ActiveRecruiter Business Edition provides SMBs with the tools to deliver a best of class online recruitment experience at an affordable price, irrespective of the size of the company.  In addition, SMBs can identify the recruitment channels that provide them with the best return on investment allowing for a much more targeted investment.  As an open platform, ActiveRecruiter Business Edition is integrated with leading job aggregation services, like eQuest and social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Using Google Maps functionality, candidates and jobs can also be geo-coded to provide SMBs with full visibility of which channels and geographies are most effective and deliver the best return.





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