Exercising the demon that is workplace stress

in 10 Brits say the best way to combat workplace stress is exercise, according
to a new study.

survey of more than 1,500 workers by recruitment website Monster.co.uk, found
that just 14 per cent of the UK workforce claimed to live a relaxed lifestyle.

those that find ways to combat stress; 31 per cent exercise, 20 per cent
socialise, 19 per cent smoke, and 14 per cent go shopping.

Slavin, managing director of Monster.co.uk, said: "Employers can help
staff to combat stress by offering gym memberships, on-site massages or
communal chill-out areas, without forgetting to encourage staff to voice any
concerns at an early stage to find solutions to problems, before they escalate.

is known that a stress-free workforce will perform more efficiently and achieve
better results overall," she said.

By Quentin Reade

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