F1rst Among Equals

F1rst Among Equals
Authors: Patrick J McKenna and David Maister
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 290
Price 12.99
ISBN: 0743268326
Reviewed by: Lorna Thompson


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F1rst Among Equals is an aptly-named book that addresses the issues of how to manage colleagues, peers and experts. It is a fascinating blend of management and coaching techniques, which combine to show effective methods of managing professional groups and individuals.
Written by two people who share their expertise in the field of practice management, the language of the book is professional and accessible.

F1rst Among Equals gives help on three levels:

  • Advice on how to deal with the behavioural aspects of group interactions
  • Checklists of good practice tech-niques, which can be used as aide-memoirs and self-assessment tools
  • Real-life analogies and examples of successful leadership and management.

In my experience of training and developing managers from various sectors, many are promoted on technical expertise. It is often too late that they recognise the need for the skills required to manage others. This is common in the fields of professional specialism – for example, medicine, law and finance. This book is excellent for people in this category, and will show them a framework to manage with confidence.

Anyone new to the role of managing others will benefit greatly from reading this book and practising the techniques. Common-sense advice, linked with tried and tested situations, gives the reader an opportunity to develop a wide range of management skills.
Project managers will also find it invaluable when dealing with their people. It gets a thumbs up from me!

Useful? ***** 
Well-written? ****
Practical? *****
Inspirational? ***
Value for money? ***** 

Lorna Thompson is a learning and development manager for Leeds City Council

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