Facebook, MySpace users warned over revealing too much online

Online social networking sites could have a negative impact on your career progression, new research has found.

Recruitment consultancy Badenoch & Clark has warned jobseekers to act with caution when publically displaying their personal life activities on sites such as MySpace and Facebook.

It follows a survey conducted by the firm which found that 62% of British bosses look at Facebook, MySpace or other social networking sites to determine the suitability of candidates.

In another survey by networking site Viadeo, one in five employers admitted to using social networking sites to search for information on candidates and looked at how they projected themselves.

Almost two-thirds of respondents said the contents influenced a recruitment decision, while a quarter admitted to going back on a decision to hire a candidate because of what they found online.

Andy Powell, a director at Badenoch & Clark, said it was easy to forget that the internet was a public domain where prospective employers were only a few clicks away.

“Most people have many elements to their online presence, but they don’t all necessarily show us in the best light. More employers are taking note of ‘net reputation’ so it is right to be a bit careful,” Powell said.

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