Fairsail, human capital management SaaS software, wins salesforce award for outstanding innovation

Fairsail, a suite of breakthrough applications for best practice in Human Capital Management, won the award for outstanding partner innovation with the Force.com Platform at salesforce.com’s Dreamforce user and developer conference at London’s Barbican centre

Colin Cooper, CEO and founder of Fairsail, explains:

“Until now, many HR applications have been notoriously difficult to use. Managers are busy people with little time to grapple with tricky technology, and HR managers don’t want software that demands lots of admin time. They all need an application that is as easy to use as Facebook.” 

“Just as Facebook wires up social and family networks:  Fairsail 2.0 wires up internal company networks.  Fairsail 2.0 draws on HR expertise to support the formal manager-employee reporting relationships through performance management, talent management, development, and – through Fairsail Recruit –  dovetails with really focused competency-based recruitment. But these tools also facilitate the broader and more informal networking that’s often hard to coordinate between teams and project groups.”

“Innovative content is important and exciting but, added to that, Fairsail works very smoothly and powerfully because it uses the brand new technology Visualforce, provided by salesforce.com through the Force.com Platform. What’s more, salesforce.com is the only major provider of Software-as-a-Service to receive ISO 27001 certification, the internationally recognised standard for information security governance, which certifies that a provider’s information security management system protects its information and that of its customers.”

Presenting the 1st Annual European Appy Awards at a special award ceremony held at the Dreamforce Europe user and developer conference at London’s Barbican Centre on 8 May, salesforce chairman and CEO Marc Benioff said:

“The driving force behind salesforce.com’s success has been the success of our community of customers, partners, and developers. The European Appy Awards highlight the leaders in our community who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in using and developing new SaaS applications with the Force.com Platform.”

Marc Benioff showcased Fairsail 2.0 in his keynote presentation at Dreamforce Europe as an example of how new Visualforce technology from the Force.com Platform can be used to build web-based business applications that are  as simple-to-use as the best consumer Internet applications.

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