Favourite blogs

Fistful of Talent, Slacker Manager and All Things Workplace

Fistful of Talent

A blog with wide-ranging expert contributors, including one who looks disconcertingly like actor and South Park target Alec Baldwin. I particularly liked the posting on why HR isn’t sexy enough, and the need to rid the business lexicon of the word ‘personnel’, which is, according to blogger and employment manager Jessica Lee, ‘no better than the term ‘secretary’.’ Edited by the HR capitalist, Kris Dunn, himself, this is an informative blog, written by opinionated people who clearly care about HR.

Slacker Manager

Bloggers David Zinger and Phil Gerbyshak have come up with an engaging strapline for their site – ‘Paving the path of least resistance, so you don’t trip and fall’ – and they’ve gone to considerable lengths to make sure their readers are well-informed on as many HR-related topics as possible. Their sense of humour is evident. You’ll enjoy the 11 satiric definitions of workplace buzzwords, including: ‘Change Management: Either management makes change or we change management’. Zinger’s professional background comes across in an informative and imaginative section on employee engagement, and readers can even nominate themselves for the Golden Slacker award, given to those who have made outstanding contributions to management.

All things workplace

Training and development expert Steve Roesler opens his blog with the Tom Bodett comment that ‘a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for’, before going on to talk about hope in the workplace, and specifically in recruitment. It might sound a bit cheesy, but it’s obviously a well-read blog, and the readers’ responses may even be more interesting than the original comment.

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