Female prison officer wins six-figure payout in sexual discrimination claim

A female prison officer has won a six-figure payout for being forced to carry out body searches on male inmates.

Carol Saunders claimed sex discrimination against the Home Office, claiming that as male officers did not search female prisoners, she was being discriminated against.

Saunders said the searches at Long Lartin Prison in Worcestershire made her feel sick.

She won her original case in October 2004 and the Prison Service has now settled out of court after losing an appeal.

The exact compensation figure has not been disclosed but it runs into six figures.

A Home Office spokesman said: “Following the tribunal judgment that found in favour of Carol Saunders, the Prison Service has agreed an amount to be awarded out of court based on the guidance from the tribunal regarding an appropriate level of compensation.”

A separate claim for victimisation at the high-security jail was thrown out by the tribunal in 2004.

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