Royal Navy rear admiral is first Muslim to reach top ranks of Armed Forces

The Royal Navy has promoted Commodore Amjad Hussain to the rank of rear-admiral, making him the most senior serving Muslim in the Armed Forces.

Hussain, 46, who emigrated with his family from Pakistan when he was five years old, will be head of the Navy’s defence logistics organisation in Bath.

The equivalent rank to his in the Army is major general, and in the RAF it is air vice-marshal, but as yet there are no Muslims in these positions.

Hussain said that people from all backgrounds could succeed in the Armed Forces.

“If you are working in a part of the world where your life is in danger, you need a great team. We value equality for that very reason,” he said.

“In many countries, the armed forces are often the last bastion of traditional thinking. If my example gives encouragement to young British Asians to sign up then I will be a happy man.”

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