Financial services sector still works too many hours

financial services sector is failing to tackle its long hours culture, with
many staff working at weekends and failing to take their full holiday

new survey shows the sector is still failing to address work-life balance with
employees feeling stressed and not spending enough time with family and

research looked at staff in the financial services sector and found more than a
quarter do not take the full holiday entitlement.  Another two-thirds work at weekends or when they’re supposed to
be on holiday.

the 210 workers questioned, 79 per cent admit to feeling stressed at work and
82 per cent say they don’t achieve a healthy balance between work and home

further 62 per cent of staff regularly work long hours through the week and
Paul Davis, of insurance firm Sun Life Financial of Canada said employers must
become more aware of the problems.

urged managers to communicate more with staff and start implementing
preventative measures to help reduce stress.

By Ross Wigham

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