Firm foundation ensures women get the job

is still in the eye of the beholder around the UK workplace with a quarter of
employers admitting they are more likely to hire a woman that wears make-up
rather than one who goes without.

new poll shows the majority of directors (56 per cent) think women in make-up
look more professional, while 35 per cent said female staff who don’t add a
touch of foundation or lip gloss look like "they can’t be bothered to make
an effort".

an amazing broadside to women’s solidarity, it is female directors who have the
biggest prejudice against the natural look, with 63 per cent admitting they
would prefer to hire staff that wore make-up.

survey, by communications firm the Aziz Corporation, found that make-up made
more of an impression with directors in the North of England than those in the
Midlands or the South.

By Ross Wigham

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