Fixed Fee Recruitment: It’s A No Brainer

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that reducing recruitment and advertising costs when hiring is key for most businesses, irrelevant of size or sector. In the current economic climate it is increasingly more important.  Fixed Fee Recruitment is not a new phenomenon – over the last 8 years we have seen many models join the market all offering an alternative to your traditional recruitment route. Most of these businesses offer employers the chance to recruit for between £400-800 with a high success rate.

So there’s a ‘new kid on the block’ but what’s all the fuss about? Michelle Jones, founder of e-recruitment buddy says “We operate differently to many fixed fee services. What is important to understand is that clients pay per 4 week campaign, just £500, rather than per vacancy. So each candidate application is ‘theirs’ for the keeping.”

When recruiting multiple personnel in a similar type of position – wouldn’t it be great to capture a large number of candidates all for £500? The cost of advertising, across a network of job-boards, would far exceed the fixed fee rate, let alone the amount of time spent posting and managing the campaign, and dealing with all the responses.

“To give you an example” says Michelle, “we recently ran a campaign for a Web Systems role, advertising on 5 major job-boards and several niche players. This generated an initial response of over 150 applications, as well as hundreds of CV alerts. We removed the administrative burden from the client by filtering the applications and forwarding only the hottest candidates. This allowed the client to continue with their normal routine without the disruption of a mountain of unqualified applications flooding their inbox.  Our client saw just 5 CVs that matched their criteria and have actually offered work to 2 of them! At the end of the campaign they were sent the remaining applications for their records. This saved them huge amounts of time, they were delighted with the results and it cost just £500!”

More employers are shifting to this way of recruiting as the benefits in terms of cost and time are clear. There is no catch, no hidden agenda – it is black & white; one low fixed fee to take the administration and financial strain that often puts pressure on firms when recruiting. 


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