The Forton Group launches publicly available Professional Leadership Coach Training Programme

The Forton Group’s highly successful International Coach Federation-accredited Professional Leadership Coach Training Programme is now publicly available for the first time. Previously it has been accessible only to the company’s corporate clients. The first module towards the ICF’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC) qualification took place recently in London attended by professionals from a variety of business backgrounds,  including some who are planning to build their own coaching practice.

Led by Forton Group CEO Helen Caton Hughes and top leadership coach and talent manager Bob Hughes, the programme provides an internationally recognised professional qualification and offers coaches the opportunity to develop coaching skills to a professional standard. It emphasises leadership and prepares coaches to work with clients at all levels – from the shop floor to the boardroom.                               

Says Helen Caton Hughes, “Many people leading companies through these difficult times are finding a coaching style is a great benefit both for themselves and their staff. It really comes into its own when confidence and self esteem may be affected by circumstances beyond our control.  Coach training provides return on investment at both personal and business levels.” She explains, “Feedback from our courses tells us that participants find the programme inspirational and enjoyable, and that they benefit personally from both the coaching and the leadership development.  They also report improvements in their management style, new tools and ideas that they can directly transfer back into their day job, and improved leadership confidence.”

Says Emma Warren, managing director of Portfolio Directors, “I came on the course to develop my coaching skills and came away with a whole new range of practical tools and advice to work with.” She continues, “The course facilitators were highly knowledgeable, engaging and extremely experienced.  Their excellent delivery and stimulating course design ensured that a group of people with different backgrounds and experience levels worked together but also achieved their individual expectations from the course.”

The next Foundation Course in Leadership Coaching takes place at the Learning Tree in London on 2 and 3 March 2009, with the Developing Leadership Coaching module on 4, 5 and 6 March. The final, advanced, module will be on 22, 23 and 24 April 2009.  Further dates will be arranged during the year. For further information and bookings visit or telephone 0845 077 2979#1.  Delegates booking the full programme receive the Foundation Course free.





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