Flexible working is the way of the future

HR professionals believe that under half of all staff they employ in the future will be working in a permanent, full-time job.

Two-thirds of the practitioners questioned in a Manpower survey of 300 HR managers believe that permanent employment will make up less than 50 per cent of future jobs.

“Flexible working is the new way of working,” said Manpower’s HR director Daniel Kasmir. “It gives you the opportunity to take on exciting and challenging roles, and time out when you need it.”

The survey by Manpower was carried out at October’s CIPD conference in Harrogate.

“Industry response supports our view that flexible working is the way forward,” said Manpower’s managing director Iain Herbertson. He believes that flexible working also suits companies in today’s world. “Companies also have an increasing need for flexible staff as a result as a result of rapid growth in technology and e-commerce.”

The survey also showed that over 60 per cent believe that employers’ commitment to their staff’s work-life balance will improve within the next five years. More than two-thirds believe by 2005 there will be more job opportunities for the over 60s.

By Paul Nelson



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