Foster Denovo triple pensions take-up at RPM

The leading experiential marketing agency, RPM recently appointed the ‘Breeze’ team of Foster Denovo to implement an integrated employee benefits package on its behalf.

This project follows on the heels of RPM’s recognition in the Sunday Times ‘Top 100 Small Businesses to Work For’ awards and is being seen as a central component of RPM’s recruitment, retention and wider HR strategy.

The scheme covers some 90 employees within RPM and is perhaps most notable for the fact that it has resulted in a trebling of pension uptake within the business.

Commenting on the scheme Matthew Mitten of Foster Denovo said: “RPM has received external recognition for its positive stance on HR related issues. As such we were not surprised by the positive reception we received from the senior management team of RPM who clearly see employee benefits, development and welfare as central to its organisational culture.”

Commenting on the scheme from the employer’s perspective Yalda Richardson of RPM said: “We were particularly pleased with the pension take up amongst our relatively young workforce. The average age of our employees is only 29 and historically this age group has been quite slow to appreciate the importance of pension schemes.

“Across the board I am sure the employee benefits scheme will not only help us retain staff, but it will also help us attract more talent into the business.”

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