Further findings from the Potentialpark survey

Further findings from the Potentialpark survey include:

  • In the UK, Roche has the best tools for online talent communication, followed by Accenture and Intel.
  • The corporate career website continues to be the major hub for all online and offline activities. However, it is mainly a one-way form of communicating information.
  • Students and graduates feel at home on social media, so they expect employers to go social, too. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs are the major online channels to interact and engage with talent. Slowly but surely, jobseekers are discovering the power of social media to help them create a candidate brand.
  • Jobseekers expect all online presences to be more than a repetition of the same content, but to add true value to their career search. They are used to quick answers to their questions. They want to avoid corporate and PR lingo, and want trustworthy insights and honest discussions.
  • Employers must understand how each channel works and how jobseekers use them. Rather than starting half-hearted attempts everywhere at the same time, they need to make a choice where to go, go all in and to show the reality behind their promises.
  • In mobile media, employers are lagging behind. While 86% of students in the UK are ready to use smartphones for their career search, only 11 out of 113 UK top employers currently have mobile career websites or apps.

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