GCHQ uses Xbox Live game to tempt recruits

GCHQ is using Microsoft’s Xbox Live to attract new recruits.

The intelligence agency is targeting the online gaming community with a six-week campaign in a bid to fill about 250 predominantly IT and technical roles at graduate and professional level.

The initiative features graphic video clips and static advertisements designed to help potential candidates get under the skin of GCHQ’s work, which can range from tackling hackers to fighting organised crime.

The project is the first time Xbox Live has hosted a recruitment advertisement in this format.

The campaign, created by recruitment advertising agency TMP, aims to broaden the reach of GCHQ’s recruitment message.

The static and video animations lead through to a full-screen movie within the Xbox Live channel. The ads then click through to a ‘branded destination experience’ where gamers can download gamer pictures, themes and video content, as well as more information about the work of GCHQ and what they could experience as an employee of the organisation.

In 2007 GCHQ became the first UK recruiter to place banner adverts in games on the Xbox platform, which resulted in a 500% increase in hits on the GCHQ recruitment website.

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