Giunti Labs’ latest advances in personalized online and mobile LCMS and repository solutions on show

Giunti Labs, the leading learning and mobile content management solution provider, is a Gold Sponsor at the Bersin IMPACT 2010 conference, which is being held in St Petersburg, Florida, USA, from April 6 to 8.

IMPACT 2010 focuses on ‘The Business of Talent’ and examines ideas and best practice that contribute towards improving the business impact of learning and talent management programmes. The event covers aspects of enterprise learning such as leadership, talent acquisition, and talent management and includes case studies, panel discussions and the latest research findings on such things as learning on-demand, performance management, social networking and global talent management.

Fabrizio Cardinali, Giunti Labs’ CEO, said: “In the current challenging economic conditions, it’s important to stress how advances in learning technologies can help people work smarter, more effectively and efficiently – and provide a greater return for stakeholders.

“In particular, our customers are telling us that they need learning content management systems and digital repositories that cater for the individual learning needs of people. Moreover, the resulting learning materials need to take into account the context of each learner’s need for learning, as well as that learner’s background and learning preferences.

“In a world of rapidly developing competition, organizations need to identify their workers’ skills, knowledge and competencies, as well as deliver the right learning content just in time, where and when the user needs it,” he added.

“So, increasingly, any learning experience must take into account the learner’s learning background, study track, likes and dislikes, abilities and disabilities, location and the device used to access the learning materials. Among other things, this means providing learning contents in which are embedded a high degree of adaptive personalization when these contents are accessed.

“This is one of the key messages that Giunti Labs will give to the learning world at IMPACT 2010,” he said. “That is why we’re happy to sponsor the event: to help communicate the good news that all this is becoming possible, through advances in learning technologies.”

In recent months, Giunti Labs has experienced a significant increase in demand for its products and services in the US market – including winning contracts from a large management consultancy company, one of the world’s largest financial institutions and a leading provider of high-performance technology to the worldwide oil and natural gas industry, with operations in over 90 countries.

This expansion of its operations has led to Giunti Labs opening a new solution deployment office in Athens, Georgia, to complement its US presence and many offices around the world.

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