Giunti Labs shows the latest in learning technology

At this year’s Learning Technologies conference and exhibition, being held at London’s Olympia, Giunti Labs, a leading learning and mobile content management solution provider, will be showcasing new developments in its learn eXact learning content management system (LCMS) technology.

“Giunti Labs is taking the concept of the LCMS platform a step forward, designing a ‘corporate-wide’ technology solution aimed at absorbing all of an organisation’s knowledge base and delivering it in the most appropriate business/learning scope/learner type fashion,” said Fabrizio Cardinali, Giunti Labs’ CEO.

“This is an innovative solution to empower learning and content management projects in highly dynamic organisations.”

“Organisations are currently experiencing massive increases in information-based, enterprise-wide projects and tasks – including information dissemination, corporate-wide learning and competence management – to support their evolution and business performance,” commented Andrea Gentili, Giunti Labs’ Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

“In its new version of the learn eXact LCMS – called learn eXact Enterprise – Giunti Labs is providing a solution to these problems.”

learn eXact Enterprise has been created to support all aspects of management of the process and the contents for distant learning in an organisiaton.

In particular, it has been designed to integrate with other organisational management systems, such as ERP, HR and document management systems.

It aims to optimise all workgroup and corporate-wide projects with a high degree of content usage and sharing. It is best suited to:

  • Enterprise-wide content based projects
  • Content consolidation
  • Knowledge dissemination over highly dispersed environments
  • Blended learning programmes
  • On-the-job, continuous learning
  • Overall organisation performance enhancement

“The platform, which is SOA-based, is founded on a three level architecture – data, business and presentation layer,” said Cardinali.

“It is a performance-orientated, extended learning engine which can easily accommodate any business model evolution in which information aggregation, distribution and activation are key in achieving superior operational performance, a strong competence-orientated and future-proof organisation.

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