Glass Box Xchange launches “eBay in reverse”

Glass Box Xchange has announced a new to market service that allows Hiring Managers of professional contingent labour to invite shortlisted candidates to bid online against each other in real time – a kind of eBay in reverse.

Why? Because introducing direct, open candidate competition into the hiring process delivers improved day rates for the contract on offer.

With Hiring Managers retaining full control over candidate evaluation and selection, the quality of resource hired is not negatively impacted, and in some cases can improve.

Simon Burke, Director, says “This is the first time open and transparent competition between candidates has been possible. Rather than rely on Agency Rate card data or their biased opinion on market rates, you can now quickly determine best market price at time of hire.”

Glass Box Xchange (GBX) is not a Recruitment Agency but instead offers a quick and easy service that slots into your hiring process, saving time, money and effort.

With budgets increasingly under pressure, though demand for quality resource as strong as ever, GBX can deliver real value.

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