Globis adds extra workplace mediation conversion courses

On 26/27 January 2010 Globis ran its first Workplace Mediation Conversion Course for civil and commercial mediators. The groundbreaking course has received excellent reviews. There is an ongoing debate in the mediation industry about whether there are any differences in mediating civil/commercial and workplace disputes. Delegates attending the course seemed to think so.

Antony Sendall of Littleton Chambers said “I found the Globis Workplace Mediation Conversion Course both very valuable and highly stimulating. I especially enjoyed the way in which the learning was achieved primarily through dialogue and discussion. The group size was perfectly balanced as it was large enough to result in a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, yet small enough to give everyone sufficient time to say their piece, to exchange thoughts and experiences and to play an active part in the role play scenarios. Despite being an employment lawyer already, I learned a lot and now feel much better equipped to conduct effective workplace mediations”.

Immediately after announcing the course, Globis was contacted with enquiries from civil/commercial mediators who have an interest in adding workplace mediation to their portfolio. The 2 day course, held at the International Dispute Resolution Centre, Fleet Street, London, deals with both the theory and practical aspects of workplace related disputes, looking at key themes such as:

  • The 7 step commissioning process

  • Understanding key phrases and terms used in workplace disputes

  • How to draft a workplace related settlement agreement

  • How to follow up after mediation workplace disputes, and

  • Providing delegates with an opportunity to practice workplace mediation skills by using real-life case studies

  • How to calculate the cost of conflict for an organisation

Jack Fallow, Globis Director said “I am delighted that the first course has been such a great success. We thought long and hard about the design for the programme and it seems that we struck the right balance”.

Due to the continuing demand for the course, new dates have now been added for March.

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