Outsourcing back office could save £60,000 a year

As the economy makes its way into recovery and recruiters remain frugal, increasing numbers are looking to outsource their back office functions – and they could be saving anything from £60,000 a year, according to InsideOut, the back office specialists.

As the number of temporary vacancies in the jobs market remains stable but not at the high level seen prior to the recession, it has become more economical for many recruiters to outsource their back office rather than handle it in-house, and InsideOut have seen a significant rise in this happening. At the same time it’s an efficient way for permanent recruitment consultancies which are taking on permanent vacancies due to the contracted jobs market, to keep their accounts in order.

“Employing a couple of people in your accounts department means not only is there the cost of salaries, but also training, office space, office supplies and infrastructures like IT” explains Paris Sheppard, Managing Director of InsideOut, outsourcing specialists to the recruitment sector. “For around £10,000 a year recruiters could be outsourcing their payroll and invoicing and not only saving money on paying salaries. Having more efficient systems in place, such as timesheets and payment information instantly accessible online, also means recruiters can spend more time concentrating on what they do best – and get paid quicker. As the recovery continues it’s essential that recruiters maximise on the budgets they have and use them to achieve the most effective result possible.”

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