New training courses in online recruitment for professional recruiters

Whatjobsite Training has launched three new courses in online recruitment for professional recruiters. The training courses aim to help recruitment consultants use online recruitment more effectively both to source better candidates and make better placements.

“Online recruitment is now the single most important advertising and sourcing tool for many front-line recruitment professionals,” says Karl Schweppe, MD of whatjobsite Training. “But too many fail to utilise the full potential of online recruitment. With our long experience and expertise in online recruitment, job board advertising and consultancy, we can help recruitment professionals make a real success of online recruitment.”

The three new Whatjobsite Training Courses are: Effective Online Recruitment; Copywriting for Online Recruitment; and Advanced Copywriting for Online Recruitment. All three courses cover key common areas in online recruitment such as choosing the right online recruitment media, using job boards effectively, improving candidate quality and reducing candidate spam, social media in recruitment, and managing online resources; but each also targets the specific skills and learning needs of professional recruiters.

Even in this candidate-rich market the war of talent still has to be fought. The Effective Online Recruitment course takes an in-depth look at online recruitment advertising and sourcing and shows professional recruiters how to improve the use of existing channels while also develop the skills to exploit newer ones.

Many recruiters find themselves struggling to write effective jobs ads. The Whatjobsite Training Course ‘Copywriting for online recruitment’ addresses this by giving recruiters the specific skills and expertise to write better jobs ads and attract better quality candidates. The ‘Advanced Copywriting for Online Recruitment’ course takes this training even further by developing an effective ‘House Style’ which can be used as an agreed template for all recruitment communications and copywriting tasks.

“In our preparation for all of our training programmes, we work with line-managers and Managing Consultants both to establish the learning requirements of the team and also to understand the wider online recruitment strategy so that our training meets real specific recruiter needs. We want our training to work and we do this by ensuring we provide training that helps recruiters both practically and strategically. Success for us is delivering training that improves recruiter performance and enables better and more successful placements.”

With over 10 years’ experience in online recruitment and digital recruiting, whatjobsite trainers have the knowledge, experience and determination to impart excellence and expertise to your team.

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