Gloucestershire’s HR glory makes public sector proud

What a shame that the fantastic story of how HR at Gloucestershire County Council had helped mobilise an organisation in crisis was confined to the half-page Opinion section in the magazine (Personnel Today, 21 August).

Sue Scrivens and her team at Gloucestershire County Council worked in the most difficult circumstances to enable people to keep working during the floods there in July.

Within the public sector we often provide services to the most vulnerable people in our society who literally wouldn’t survive without our support. It’s this fact that often attracts people to work in the sector – knowing they are contributing something vital to the structure of our societies rather than lining the pockets of shareholders.

The Gloucestershire story was a heartening example of how far people will go to make sure that a crisis doesn’t affect our customers and clients. Sue is quite rightly proud of her team, and it also makes me feel proud to work in the public sector knowing what dedicated and professional people there are around me.

Gillian Hibberd

Corporate director (people and policy)

Buckinghamshire County Council

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