Google is coolest company

Google, the internet search engine, has been named the ‘World’s Coolest Company’ by the Unshrink network of international business leaders.

Unshrink is made up of organisations including Barclaycard, BBC, Coca-Cola and Microsoft which claim they are striving to inspire their workers, beyond money, with family orientated atmospheres.

The company won the award for its ‘belief that people are smart enough to manage themselves, for taking ethical stances on its purpose, for involving customers with its success, and for banishing bureaucracy enough to actually allow [its] employees to develop products which reach the market quickly’.

Unshrink organiser Max Mckeown said that, in the talents, passion, and minds of its people, Google had been ‘awesome’.

“This is a company that gives employees what they can’t get elsewhere; it gives them a sense of family and a sense of purpose,” he said. “That’s why it attracts the best minds and gets the best out of them,” he said.


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