Gordon Brown does not have the pyschological armoury to rescue himself

Gordon Brown’s psychological signals are on completely the wrong frequency despite a mild post-Labour Party conference speech respite from the growing attacks on his apparent lack of control.

One of the world’s leading human resources and management consultants, Management Intelligence, says that it is only a matter of time before risk-averse Prime Minister Brown completely loses the confidence of his colleagues and country – and it’s all down to a tiny change in perceptions about his approach.

Bridget Biggar, Managing Director of Management Intelligence Consulting, says there is possibly a way back for him, but only if he goes completely against his psychological make-up – and starts to take risks and bring urgency into his personality.

“Ironically, he’s actually overplaying his strengths, he’s trying too hard – the problem is that in doing so he is moving from productive use of those strengths to excessive use of those strengths, and that is causing a sure and insidious fall off in credibility.

“He simply does not have the communication and psychological armoury to get himself out of this situation.

“As a Chancellor and number two to Tony Blair, his risk-averse nature was disguised by Mr Blair’s high-energy and human approach. But Mr Brown’s personality traits and approach have shot to the fore since he entered Number 10.

“As Chancellor, Gordon Brown had what we define as a fundamentally ‘conserving’ approach, but it is becoming a ‘holding-on’ approach: where he was tenacious he is now clinging; where he was once practical he is seen as being unimaginative, reserved has become uncommunicative, and when he was once seen as being prudent he is now cautious.

“The signs have been there for some time: he has no sense of urgency, and he simply thought for too long about going to the country – and a sure-fire win – soon after he became PM.

“Without going into it in too much depth, the psychological evaluation and action processes we base this view on is that of the
long-established Life Orientations process.

“In a nutshell, Mr Brown wants to be seen as objective, rational and careful with resources, he feels he has to preserve what he has and use existing resources to build the future on the basis of past successes, and in a careful and rationale way.

“But while the phrase ‘over the top’ is not something one might associate with Gordon Brown, it’s actually what he is doing.”

Bridget Biggar sees PM Brown overusing his strengths in this way:

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