Government boost for UK industry

Government has given the beleaguered British manufacturing industry a boost
with the announcement that BAE has been awarded the contract for 20 Hawk jets.

Government also has an option to build a further 24 jets depending on progress
with the initial order.

Curran, GMB general secretary said: "This is good news for UK
manufacturing. I am very pleased that the Government has decided to support
British manufacturing and British jobs.

Hawk contract means job security and work for the wealth-creating sector of the
UK economy."

than 400 manufacturing jobs have been lost every working day since the start of
the year, with 42,000 jobs lost in the manufacturing sector so far.

will cease to exist in the UK in the next 25 years if jobs continue to be lost
at the current rate, according to trade union Amicus.

By Michael Millar

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