Government comprehensive Spending Review is fundamental to meeting Leitch Review targets

Conference news: Skills for Prosperity conference, 6 March, Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London

The government’s autumn Comprehensive 
Spending Review
 – and cash made available by that – is crucial for the UK to meet the ambitions of the Leitch Review, according to a key figure.

Mike Campbell, director of development at the Sector Skills Development Agency, told Personnel Today that the skills crisis would not be alleviated without significant funding when the Treasury sets out the budget allocations for government departments for 2008 to 2011.

“The Comprehensive Spending Review is fundamental. The Leitch ambitions have to be funded,” said Campbell.

Chancellor Gordon Brown, who commissioned the review, is expected to be prime minister when it is unveiled in the autumn.

“Brown is central to all this. Skills will be critical to his first 100 days as prime minister. He commissioned the Leitch Review and now there is pressure on him to put the money in to support it,” Campbell said.

The review set out several targets for the UK to remain competitive in 2020. It said the proportion of adults with Level Two skills must rise from 69% to 90% two million extra people must gain A- levels and there must be 500,000 apprentices per year.

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