Government offers support to encourage people back into work

Government has developed a package of measures to help people with a long-term
illness or disability get back into full-time work.

in a Green Paper, the changes aim to get people off the benefits system.

paper proposes a range of support systems and rehabilitation schemes that will
ensure potential workers are given the best possible opportunities.

could also give the Department of Work and Pensions the power to force
claimants to attend regular interviews to help them find work.

Smith, the work and pensions secretary said: "Some sections of our
community seem to consider someone on incapacity benefits incapable of work,
treating it effectively as early retirement. This makes it harder for people
who want to get back to work.

is not about forcing sick people into work. It’s about encouraging people to
look at their options and helping those who want to work," he added.

proposals include:

Early support from skilled advisers

Access to a range of specialist rehabilitation services

Greater financial incentives to work

More support for people moving from incapacity benefit to job seekers

By Ross Wigham

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