Government peer-to-peer website aims to provide pool of skills resources

A new website which utilises social networking technology common to sites like Facebook has been set up to help employers improve the skills of their staff.

The site has been developed by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, industry group Business in the Community and professional services firm KPMG.

It allows employers to interact online and search a comprehensive database of resources, events and news for the skills sector.

DHL aviation, part of DHL Express, is one of the first companies to register and add its profile.

Colin Butler, human resources director, said: “Through projects like, you can share knowledge, experience and contacts rather than scratching around in the dark. This is a great resource to help make the business case for skills.”

Skills minister David Lammy said. “Poor literacy and numeracy costs the UK economy £10bn per year in lost revenue from taxes, lower productivity and the increased burden on the welfare state. We are making huge headway and I believe we can crack the problem of low skills, but only in partnership with business.”

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