Government to force gender pay gap transparency

and Industry Secretary and Minister for Women, Patricia Hewitt, yesterday
announced government action to cut the gender pay gap.


A new measure to make it easier for women to get information from employers
about whether they have equal pay problems.

Developing new reporting requirements for larger companies including ‘human
capital management’ – for example how they train, invest and recruit staff –
where relevant.

Encourage private and public sector organisations to conduct employment and pay
reviews covering all aspects of women’s employment.

Spreading best practice through ‘fair pay champions’

Recognising best practice through a new award for equal pay and equality, the
‘Castle Awards’, named after former Labour Employment Minister the Rt Hon
Baroness Barbara Castle.

proposals come in response to a study conducted by Denise Kingsmill on women’s
employment and pay, and NIESR research showing that, on average, women working
full time still earn only 81 per cent of full time male earnings.

Hewitt said,  "The new equal pay
questionnaires will allow employees to test their company’s equal pay policy by
obtaining information about pay schemes and job grades as well as how skills
and experience are reflected in the company’s pay system.

human capital management is a key driver for many businesses, particularly
those where staff are vital to business success. Where this is the case, we
want businesses to report on their progress in investing in staff."

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