Gradfutures offers advice to graduates in the downturn

GradFutures, a leading independent graduate recruitment portal, has offered its users advice on job hunting during the downturn through its newly launched blog.

GradFutures’ advice to undergraduates and recent graduates is clear and realistic. 

It concentrates on five core messages:

Don’t panic – It’s clearly not a great year for graduate jobs, but there are still thousands out there.  GradFutures lists over 1,000 graduate schemes from recruiters who are seeking qualified graduates.

Branch out – The reductions in vacancies are concentrated in specific sectors. Some sectors are actually recruiting more graduates this year. 

So, start thinking more broadly about your options.  Remember, most positions are suitable for graduates with good generic skills rather than specific degree backgrounds.

Get some experience – Graduates with experience have a clear advantage over those without any.  If you are graduating next year, use this summer to enhance your CV – GradFutures lists over 200 internships for you to consider.  If you are graduating soon, look at how you can get more experience. 

Remember, part-time work or voluntary experience all counts – for example, positions of responsibility in university societies are great CV builders.

Maximise your chances of success – Make sure your CV sells you.  Write better cover letters.  Brush up on interview techniques.  Prepare for assessment centres. 

These are a small investment relative to the reward of a great job.  GradFutures has over 300 pages of career advice on all these topics and more.

Have a ‘plan B’ – However hard you try, there’s a chance that you don’t find a job through nothing more than bad timing and poor luck.  So, put together your own ‘plan B’. 

This isn’t an easy question to consider, but if you do you’ll be in much better shape if thing don’t work out.

Demetrios Zoppos, CEO of GradFutures, said: “These are difficult times for graduates entering the job market.  We are doing everything we can to help graduates secure jobs by offering relevant, clear and realistic advice and highlighting available opportunities.”

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