Graduate enthusiasm drives career choices just as much as pay

Working in a job they feel passionate about is just as important to graduates as a good salary, according to research.

The survey of 646 graduates by the Police High Potential Development Scheme, revealed that more than half (55%) of graduate employees in the first five years of their career regarded enthusiasm for their subject as a key factor when considering a career.

About 55% also cited salary as a major factor and just under half (48%) wanted a challenging job.

The survey also revealed significant differences between graduates in the private and public sector.

For six in 10 public sector workers, a passion for their field was the biggest single reason for selecting a career (62%) with a third (34%) also citing the chance to make a contribution to society.

But only one in 10 private sector workers cited the chance to make a contribution to society, instead opting for a good salary (58%) and a challenging job (48%).

Female graduates were significantly more likely than male graduates to be motivated by making a contribution of society, with a quarter (26%) rating it as a key factor, compared with only 15% of men.

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