Granny, 64, seeks family for caring

In these days of the war for talent, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right people. Spare a thought, then, for the grandmother hoping to recruit a grandson by advertising in a local newspaper.

Chinese granny Liu Lan, 64, said that she had a row with her grandson and he then refused to have any children. So she indulged in her own bit of strategic HR and went looking for candidates.

Liu took out an ad that said: “I would love to recruit a three-person family, who have a little child, as my relatives. After six months, if they are qualified, I would allow them to live with me. Then I can enjoy being a real granny.”

She was even ready to promise proper remuneration for the role, saying: “I am rich enough to support myself, but I want a grandson who I can take care of.”

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