Grass Roots launches ‘Little Red Books’

Performance improvement company Grass Roots has produced a trilogy of ‘Little Red Books’ to illustrate the way it helps clients tackle issues with their three key audiences: Customers, Employees and Channel Partners.

Each Little Red Book sets out the challenges that marketing and HR executives typically grapple with, and then uses a case study approach to show how the Tring based company has provided support to their clients in meeting these challenges.

For the Employee audience, typical business objectives include improving productivity, retention, knowledge and motivation. Practical examples of how these objectives can be addressed feature clients such as ASDA, InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, GAME, Lloyds TSB and British Gas.

According to Head of Marketing Communications, Nick Wake, the Little Red Books reflect the way Grass Roots’ own business has evolved and how clients are structuring their activities around their audiences. “One of the interesting things we are seeing is an increasingly professional approach in the HR community towards the segmentation of a firm’s employees, in ways that marketers have long since practiced with customer and channel partners. Products, but more specifically, communication approaches, have evolved in line with this trend. This is one of the recurring messages in the case studies featured in The Little Red Book of Employee”.

The Little Red Books can be downloaded or requested for free, via the Grass Roots website.


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