Ground breaking Video Resume social network will cater to job seekers

Los Angeles-based Corp Shorts Video Productions is changing the landscape of how video resumes are being produced, utilized and promoted with the launch of RezBuzz-a video resume and branding service paired with a social networking platform that spans the globe bringing together job seekers and businesses looking for new employees.

RezBuzz offers hiring professionals and employers a way to search for candidates and for candidates to search for employers with the distinctive feature of connecting through a Professional Video Resume (or “PVR”) or a Corporate Profile Video.

RezBuzz combines some of the most popular networking communities on the World-Wide-Web.

We like to think of it as a “LinkedIn meets YouTube meets meets Facebook meets” kind of networking environment.

“People today want to be more than just a piece of paper or an email; they want to differentiate themselves. With the current marketplace, companies need to invest their time wisely as to who they look at and then who they bring in to meet personally,” said RezBuzz CEO, Mark Sadovnick.

“A PVR offers an advantage and another valuable option above and together with the text resume. Similarly, college grads to mid and senior level management, who are serious and committed to networking or finding the right job, will want to differentiate themselves. RezBuzz is the way to do that!”

Jane Wells, CNBC Los Angeles Correspondent recently reported on the use of Video Resumes for Executive Job Search.

According to Wells, those people who are currently using video over “a traditional paper resume” are getting starting to get interviews.

Despite the economic downturn, many companies are still looking for top talent. At the same time, today’s tough employment market demands that those looking for jobs set themselves apart from the competition.

RezBuzz gives job seekers a digital edge in a fiercely competitive job market.

It also allows businesses and corporations to tap into a potential worldwide workforce because anyone with access to a computer can log into the RezBuzz website.

Hiring professionals can view the video resumes of hundreds of potential employees, and job seekers can find jobs—all with a simple click of their mouse. 50 percent of people who view online videos take action based on the video content and 65 percent of online videos are watched through to completion.

RezBuzz also offers a great networking opportunity for those individuals who are not looking for a job or to fill a position.

“Video Branding is the most powerful form of online media offered today,” said Sadovnick, who is also the CEO of Sadovnick Partners Executive Search and was named one of the “Most Influential Headhunters in the World” by Business Week Magazine in November 2008.

“Time is precious. The average website visitor will spend about six minutes on websites with video as compared to only 60 seconds on those sites offering text and photos only,” Sadovnick said. “Online video is the future of resume distribution and networking in the workforce, if produced responsibly and professionally.”

Upon the initial launch, there is no cost to build a profile on RezBuzz and upload a self recorded or webcam video.

But in business as in life, making a good first impression is critical, so Sadovnick recommends that users let their team of professional writers, videographers, and editors produce a video for RezBuzz members via Corp Shorts Video Productions. 

“Our PVR production services are what set us apart from other video resume sites and services,” said Sadovnick.

“RezBuzz members can choose to have a professional PVR produced by Corp Shorts for as low as $499 which includes a crew going to a specific location such as a home or office. We have more than fifty video production crews nationwide in all of the major markets.

“We offer this same on-site service to companies and businesses looking for high quality, cost effective corporate branding and Video Profiles. Then again, company executives can also opt to have us produce individual PVRs.”

Corp Shorts Video Productions located in West Hollywood, California and operating globally, offers a unique combination of resources and management expertise comprised of film and video production and executive search and recruitment.

Corp Shorts is breaking new ground in the recruitment and job search industry with the Professional Video Resume (PVR) social networking and online community concept.

This is an incredible way for people to create an edge in today’s fiercely competitive job market in all industries and at all career levels.

Companies are also invited to feature corporate video introductions on RezBuzz.

Corp Shorts will also be booking and co-sponsoring 2-day RezBuzz PVR Production Events at universities and colleges across the country in an effort to build traffic on RezBuzz and assist Graduating Students with a personal resume video production as they set out to start a career.

The Alumni is also welcome to participate. There is no charge to schools to book this special event and Corp Shorts will film Student and Alumni PVRs for about 2/3 off the regular starting production rate and includes a full year of video hosting on RezBuzz.

Each professionally produced PVR will be uploaded into the RezBuzz member’s profile and the video resume or profile can also be downloaded for other job search, personal marketing and social networking efforts.

As more and more corporate recruiters and search professionals continue to add value to their sourcing and recruiting efforts by building their core competencies and organizational capabilities around online sourcing and research, it is very important to produce and deliver responsible, professional quality personal branding.

Professionals and companies who invest in video branding will receive a tremendous short and long term benefit. The RezBuzz community will take online social networking to another dimension in the area of opportunity search and placement.

“When personal computers were first coming on stream 25 years ago, we were promised a paperless world,” Sadovnick said. “That promise is finally being realized.”

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