Harrogate farewell not HR’s only talking point

The HR community certainly has lots to talk about in the run-up to next week’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) conference in Harrogate.

While the challenges of operating in a tough economic climate remain high on the agenda, other stories featured in this week’s magazine give practitioners something to get their teeth into on the journey to North Yorkshire. These include: Weight Watchers targeting employers with a new workplace drive (page 3), a call for the TUC to modernise and change its name (page 2) and the need for a rethink in media rules for employment tribunals (page 9).

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The annual CIPD conference sees the great and the good of the profession come together under one roof to dispense their wisdom on the hot HR topics. It is also the last time the conference will be held in Harrogate following the institute’s decision to relocate the event to Manchester next year. I imagine few in the profession will bemoan the move, although the restaurant and bar owners of Harrogate might shed a tear or two.

Personnel Today has plugged into one of those hot topics – Generation Y – for our special conference issue next week. We will explore what HR needs to know about the newest slice of the workforce and feature exclusive research with Gen Y-ers on their expectations about salary and incentives at work.

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