Have a rant: Office irritants

I don’t wish to heap further misery on snotty and depressed hay fever sufferers, but if the chorus of sniffs in my office doesn’t stop soon I’m going to end up committing a disciplinary offence – I assume throwing a glass of water at a colleague falls into this category.

I suppose those with a genuine allergy can be excused, but since sniffing seems to be a year-round workplace crime, it can’t be the only explanation. And it seems I’m not alone. As I approached breaking point last week, a quick Google search brought up a survey conducted a few years ago by Office Angels, revealing a rich seam of workplace irritants.

This proved to be a mistake, and I now heartily wish I’d never read the damned thing. Not only have I become super-sensitive to the nasty habits it points out, I seem to spot a new one every day.

The 2003 poll of 1,500 workers found one in three has come dangerously close to chucking in their jobs because of their colleagues’ anti-social habits. Virtually everyone said they loathed being e-mailed by someone sitting just a few feet away – especially when the same person is happy to listen to their voicemail at top volume on their speakerphone.

But before I get too carried away on my high horse, I have a confession to make. Another prime irritant was always being last in the queue to make the tea – something I am frequently guilty of. Just goes to show that nobody’s perfect – although I do have some tissues on my desk if anyone needs one.

What irritates you about office life?

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