Have a rant: Time human resources grew up

Your weekly legal dilemma on the subject of ageism (Personnel Today, 13 November) made me put fingers to keyboard.

A human resources (HR) manager said Sir Menzies Campbell was too old to run the party. While that may be a bad thing, is it really worthy of an HR dilemma?

I understand diversity training, I understand the sentiment, and I empathise with anybody who has suffered as a result of any kind of bigotry or ‘ist’ attitude. However, a bit of realism is needed too.

I don’t think an off-hand comment about a political leader (who has probably had far worse said of him over the years) is something to be concerned about. As professionals, we just need to demonstrate a bit of care and respect for others.

I am guessing the HR manager did not realise they would offend anyone by voicing a personal opinion about a public figure. But surely we must have a balance between what is said to cause offence and what is just a general opinion?

We’re just getting so serious it’s silly, and in my opinion the advice provided seemed completely over the top.

Maybe a re-issue of their company policy and grievance procedures might be opportune, but to make the person apologise to each individual is way over the top. It undermines the person and the organisation.

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