HDA & 360 Degrees recommend 6 stage process for implementing effective employer branding

HDA, a UK based human capital consultancy provider, recognises that in the current economic climate; with significant redundancies across most sectors, the value of ex-employees to an organisation’s future (post-downturn) talent strategy and business continuity needs will become increasingly important.

Well-led organisations recognise that attracting and ensuring the ongoing engagement of organisational talent with the objectives of the organisation is enhanced by employing employer branding principles.

Increasingly, the employer brand will be coloured by the experience of recent leavers; hence, employer branding objectives should take account of all constituencies within the employment life cycle, including: candidates, onboarding staff, existing staff, staff who are about to leave the organisation due to role redundancy or voluntarily, and those who have left the organisation, but with whom valuable linkages should still be maintained to ensure business reputation. 

HDA and 360 Degrees Advertising have developed a 6 Stage process (refined from an earlier 8 stage process) for implementing effective employer branding strategies.

These six stages are in turn summarised under the following employer branding strategy implementation quadrants:

  • Employer Branding Foundations

  • Employer Branding Reality check

  • Employer Branding Refinement

  • Employer Branding Roll-out

Clayton Glen, HDA Director comments that:

“An effective employer brand strategy can be a significant ROI-generating contributor to an organisation’s talent strategy, in that it can strongly enhance the ability of the organisation to effectively attract, engage and retain organisational talent where strategy, infrastructure and the organisation’s leadership behaviours are closely and consciously aligned – including in the current market, where, despite increasing numbers of redundancies, organisations still need to attract key talent which remains highly discerning about the organisation that they choose to join.

“Organisational reputation and future-proofing the employer brand has become of greater importance in the current recession.”

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