HDA thought leadership briefings for senior HR decision makers

On 26 February, HDA ran an event on challenging conversations, in central London, for HR Professionals and Business Managers. The state of the economy and the resulting pressure on businesses across all sectors will inevitably increase the need for change, performance improvement, restructure and headcount reduction.  As a result, this event was tailored for Business Managers and HR professionals who will have to face or have already faced, the prospect of delivering difficult messages more frequently.  This interactive learning session/workshop combined insight from other professions, role-play scenarios performed by actors, forum theatre and focused discussion, to develop a practical preparation strategy and tools to become proficient in delivering difficult messages.

Here is a sample of what the delegates of the event had to say about the Programme:

  • Excellent varied delivery of programme. Good delegate participation and useful (as well as enjoyable) role plays which emphasised the learning points.

  • Good balance of theory, practical work, presentation.

  • Made me think differently.

  • A good refresher on just how important it is to prepare well.

  • Delivered extremely well by the presenter.

According to Clayton Glen, Director – HDA; today’s managers are regularly faced with difficult conversations in the workplace; including tough commercial and employment-related negotiations, awkward team meetings, difficult performance review meetings, and emotionally-charged consultation / redundancy conversations, to name a few. Very often, managers are not fully equipped to manage these meetings well. As commercial conditions worsen, managers need greater support to ensure that they are mentally prepared for, and able to develop effective strategies for the challenging conversations that they are increasingly likely to encounter.

Following on from the success of this event, the high level of interest in this event and in response to the current economic climate and the various challenging situations that HR and organisational leaders are finding themselves in, HDA has developed a series of workshops centred on developing and refining the skills required to remain successful in this new, uncertain environment.

HDA will run these workshops in-house and on a date and at a time that suits you; tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs. More excitingly, we are offering a discounted rate for those that book before the end of March! .


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