Helping the jobless get back to work

Links has placed more than 15,000 of Britain’s long-term unemployed back into
work over the past two years.

organisation, a public-private partnership company of Manpower, Cap Gemini
Ernst & Young UK and the Employment Service, operates 11 action teams
across Britain, working in the most disadvantaged areas to help the unemployed
into jobs.

company also works with the long-term jobless in nine employment zones, finding
them work and getting them off benefits to earn their own incomes, most of
which is spent in the local community.

Faulkner, managing director of Working Links, said the company has helped a
total of 15,242 into jobs in the UK – and in the process injected the
equivalent of almost £152m of spending back into the country’s economy.

commented: "The main barriers to work have been the rapid demise of heavy
industry, the benefit trap, a lack of IT skills and years of dejection.

is testament to our flexible and individual approach and the resolve of our
jobseekers who have trusted us to help them into work."

By Ben Willmott

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