High-performance websites best for recruitment

using online recruitment need to display their advertisements on websites with
strong brands and content to maximise returns, according to a report by the
Association of Online Publishers (AOP).

research found that consumers react more positively to ads on high-performing
websites where they know the brand and the ads are relevant to the content.

AOP compared the online behaviour of sophisticated users and regular surfers on
20 leading websites, such as Totaljobs.com.

says an ‘online elite’ of users has emerged who are more likely to use the
internet for decision-making and purchasing than the average surfer. A high
percentage (80 per cent) will click through an online ad to find out more.

of branded, high-quality sites spent an average of £800 online in the last six
months, compared to the £570 average online user spend, according to BMRB
Internet Monitor.

says the ‘online elite’ often refer to the internet before buying something (88
per cent) and 77 per cent have researched a brand they saw advertised online.

prefer to see ads that relate to the site’s content (64 per cent), while 53 per
cent say they pay more attention to ads on sites they trust.

Roisin Woolnough

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