Highfield Human Solutions launch OneStep

Highfield Human Solutions Group, the Newbury based Talent Management Company today announced the launch of its new division, OneStep the premier career management programme for executives.

OneStep delivers an intensive programme of advice, practical tools and ongoing one-on-one support to Managers and Executives who are planning to seek alternative career opportunities. 

Sherilyn Shackell Highfield Group CEO said

“Executives are finding themselves on the job market for the first time in years. Even people with flawless employment pedigrees are choosing to explore alternative career options either through choice or through events outside of their control’’  Says Shackell

“the truth is that the last time some people were looking for a new career move was when email, text messaging and broadband were still figments of imagination.”

People exploring career opportunities today are finding that things have changed beyond all recognition.

“The explosion in technology during the last decade has provided a vast amount of job boards, recruitment portals, online databases and networking forums that can be utterly overwhelming for individuals navigating their way through the job market” says Shackell

“Also competition has never been as fierce so individuals need to perform exceptionally well during the recruitment process to be in with the best chance of being hired.”

“We have a number of steps available, each one designed to truly empower individuals to take responsibility for their futures. By attending the programme executives can gain deep industry knowledge from a recruiter’s perspective, learn how to utilise technology to market themselves effectively, create their own Web CV and receive coaching on the techniques to perform brilliantly during interviews”     

The OneStep Programme is devised in modular form ensuring real cost effectiveness and flexibility.

OneStep also works in partnership with companies who require high value and practical solutions to support their employees at a time of downsizing, rationalisation and uncertainty in the workplace.

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