Hospitality sector workers reveal level of discontent in happiness survey

British employees in the hospitality industry think they work in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, new research on worker happiness has found.

A Fairness Index survey compiled by business management firm, GoodCorporation, found that over a third (35%) of hospitality workers believe their bosses actively condone bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Less than half of hospitality and entertainment workers (48%) believe their employer offers fair appraisals and 46% think their boss is unfair to them when it comes to work-life balance.

Overall, Personnel Today’s sister magazineCaterer reported that hospitality workers scored below the UK industrial average when it came to happiness, with the major causes for discontent a lack of training and access to business information.

Leo Martin, founding director of GoodCorporation, said: “The hospitality and entertainment sector is one the country’s largest employers, which makes it all the more disappointing that it lives up to its reputation as a poor employer.

“From our assessment work, we see a clear link between responsible business behaviour and profitability. This sector could enhance its profitability considerably by taking steps to improve employee relations.”

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