HR directors biggest worry is finding leadership skills

The world of work may be in constant flux but research shows the concerns of HR directors remain resolutely the same.

A survey of 2,400 directors by Richmond Events found the biggest worry for HR directors is finding people with the right leadership skills coming through the profession.

More than two-thirds (69%) said these were the hardest skills to find. Worryingly, their second biggest problem was finding staff with people management skills (47%).

Finance directors are the least worried about finding people with leadership capability (32%).

David Clark, head of research at Richmond Events, said this could reflect the increasingly common view that finance is the fastest route to the top job.

The perennial question of HR’s strategic influence comes through with HR directors showing the lowest level of faith of any function in their organisation’s ability to plan effectively for the future.

A third (34%) said their organisation had planned well for short-term targets, 28% said they their company would meet medium-term targets and only 10% said long-term targets were under control.

“HR still seems to feel on the outside of the organisation looking in. If they were involved you’d think they’d be happier the job was being done correctly,” Clark said.

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