HR directors don’t deserve a seat in the boardroom

 I have observed in a totally unbiased manner a number of HR directors and, in general, they offer very little value to the worth of a company (‘HR directors still lagging behind finance and marketing in pay stakes‘,, 30 March).

Occasionally, the odd one may be more strategic here and there – ie, they may have prepared a strategy to cut back on excessive agency fees, or have developed ideas that enable their company to avoid draconian headhunting costs. They may also have developed policies and procedures that can compliment their organisations’ business.

Very few that I have ever seen or heard of add any real value. With some exceptions, they have mainly become buffers between operational management and corporate management.

Marketing directors are the root of a company and bring in business, which is the lifeblood. Good finance directors control the flow of finances, and can have a truly stabilising effect.

HR directors can perform for the real benefit of a company and its employees. But they need to show this by motivating, leading and coming up with positive business ideas. That will gain the approbation of corporate management at board level that most in HR currently do not deserve.

John Hooley
HR operations manager
Windsor Lea Associates

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