HR is a valued and rewarding career

I am writing in response to Sara Smith’s letter about unhappy HR (Personnel Today, 12 July). I disagree with the Kelly Services survey that most HR professionals are unhappy. These claims can be dismissed by your own barometer results in the 28 June issue, where 39% of respondents were happy and a further 16% were very happy.

There are periods when times are tough and it is not a happy place to be, especially during redundancies. But on the whole, I think HR is a very rewarding and valued career. We have an impact on the lives of all individuals employed, and those seeking employment. I also think that major life events, and our ability to cope with them, is one of our best qualities. Adapting to change and dealing with the traumas that life throws at us goes with the territory.

I agree with Smith’s comment that having a support network is very important. I find it hard to switch off after a hard day of dealing with other people’s problems, and it would be helpful to have a kind of ‘HR therapist’ on hand to off-load to. But in the main, I love HR and I would not change my profession for the world.

Louise Gray
HR officer, Commercial First

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