HR is ‘wasting’ training budgets on travel costs

departments are wasting 40 per cent of their training budgets on travel costs,
according to a survey.

study of 4,000 companies, by IT services firm Parity, claims that a lack of
regional training centres and a bias by companies to train staff in London is
wasting valuable company money.

claims that over £160m is wasted by UK companies each year on travel costs.

research urges HR department to invest in regional training centres and online
training facilities.

a time when purse strings are tightening, UK businesses are becoming
increasingly frustrated that significant proportions of their training budgets
are being spent on associated expenditure such as travel," said Barbara
Greenway, managing director at Parity.

lot of these budgets are soaked up by unnecessary costs because companies do
not realise they can use regional training centres. The purpose of such
training centres is to save companies and individuals time, money and
inconvenience, and meet the needs of local businesses."

By Paul Nelson

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